To the participants of TTX BSC Snapshot
KENKA METAVERSE, the hottest GameFi project that enables you to play and earn money, brings you NFT items that you can use in the Metaverse!

On Dec. 8, 2021, a snapshot was taken for TTX BSC holders.

Up to today, we have been preparing to distribute the NFTs that everyone would like, at the best possible time, to the holders who have supported us from the beginning, and we have at last finalized the details of the NFTs for distribution!

Everyone who participated in the snapshot at that time will receive a limited edition NFT of the GameFi project [KENKA METAVERSE], produced by TTX GAMES, which allows you to play and earn money. The NFT delivered to the snapshot participant is a secret item, so it was not sold at the KENKA NFT 1st SALE.

These NFTs can be used as in-game items in KENKA METAVERSE, a metaverse game currently under development. They will support players’ success in various ways and provide a richer game experience.

The NFT [Heavyweight Silver Knuckle Duster], distributed to entitled holders, is an intense item that expresses the unique worldview of KENKA METAVERSE. They’re only available by participating in the TTX BSC snapshot.

The way of distribution is the same as the KENKA NFT 1st SALE held from July 28 to August 7. The BEP20 tokens for NFT redemption will be sent to the wallet address of eligible holders. They are only used as a ticket to redeem NFT. They’ll be redeemable for NFTs prior to the game’s release.

BEP20 token for Redemption
Name of the NFT: HeavyweightSilverKnuckleDuster
Symbol: KENKANFT22
Contract address: 0x0009F45Ab9746f2eCF488c4cCAF5Cdd7ebfBd4c5



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