SafePal officially support TTX

SafePal officially started handling TTX tokens, and we receive technical support. You can store and manage your token safely and efficiently in SafePal. We recommend you use SafePal’s hard wallet or their applicational wallet.

TTX token is at the core of the TTX ecosystem. We keep working on activities directly related to the token value, such as launching the service, listing on Uniswap, and increasing the number of participating celebrities.

The value and price of the token will increase as the number of celebrities participating in TTX grows. The participants are famous globally, so millions of people know TTX services and the token by joining new stars.

We will continue to work with a variety of projects to develop and expand a vibrant TTX ecosystem. Thank you.

TTX service link :

TTX NFT contract address : 0xeF2e239b21A81719abAabC6239e2e90859B44D9B

SafePal Website :



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