Notice of NFT gift for TTX BSC holders and requirements for distribution

We’re happy to announce that the snapshot of Dec. 1 has been successfully completed, and the distribution of TTX BSC to each wallet will start soon.

Today, we’d like to inform you of the details of the distribution conditions for the gift of NFTs to TTX BSC holders.

Currently, we have observed the following violations.

Attempting to receive NFTs by immediate possession using a bot.
Trying to receive a larger amount of NFTs by storing a small number of tokens in multiple wallets.

Any of the above actions will decrease the scarcity of NFTs distributed, which will harm the interests of honest holders participating in the TTX ecosystem. Therefore, we have set the following conditions for receiving the gift.

Qualification: You own at least 5,000 TTX BSC at the time of the snapshot on Dec. 8, 3:00 UTC (Except for flash possession)

We believe that limiting the number of NFTs will increase the scarcity of the NFTs distributed and also raise the buying demand from potential investors who wish to acquire such NFTs, which will benefit the holders in the long run. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. Please make sure that you meet the conditions for receiving the NFTs.

In addition to the distribution of NFTs to all holders, we’re preparing an opportunity to present NFTs to the winners of the random drawing. Stay tuned for further updates.

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